VW chassis built March 1972 at Wolfsburg, Germany 
Volkswagen Museum Birth Certificate
Doon LWB body No 4 born December 2003 in Birmingham, UK
On the road in Rutland, UK since November 2005
How I registered the Doon in 2005
Best Special Display Vehicle Winner at BVF Malvern 2006

Photo shoot for Complete kitcar on Dungeness Beach, Kent, 2007
Two great British designs on a local disused airfield, 2012
My son drifting the Doon in the snow, 2012
Doon with side pods fitted on Cromer Pier, 2016

13th July 2018, passing 100,000 miles on the road

Rutland Water 2020 first run out of the new year, 15th year on the road